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Darkest Hour

Directed by: Joe Wright

Cinema program "Darkest Hour" in Wrocław

Cinema   Wednesday, 21 February
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DCF - Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe 10:15 13:45 16:30 20:15
Movie poster Czas mroku
Original title: Darkest Hour
Runtime: 125 min.
Production: Wlk. Brytania , 2017
Category: biography / drama / history
Release Date: 26 January 2018
Distribution: UIP

Directed by: Joe Wright
Cast: Ben Mendelsohn, Lily James, Gary Oldman

Winston Churchill spent the first weeks in the prime minister's chair in the first months of World War II. Thanks to the script of Anthony McCarten and the great Gary Olmaman, we have a chance to see a man, not an icon. We meet him as a witty and brilliant statesman, a vigorous member of the Parliament, a 65-year-old candidate for prime minister in a time when Europe is falling, burning in the conflagration of war. The allied countries are still losing the battle against the Nazi forces. The British army is on its own in France. 300,000 British soldiers are stationed on the beaches of Dunkirk. Under these circumstances, Chamberlain's government resigns. Winston Churchill becomes the new prime minister of Great Britain. He has against himself members of his party and the king - George VI (Emma laureate Ben Mendelsohn), who is skeptical about Churchill's actions. It is May 10, 1940. Before Winston Churchill, perhaps the most difficult decision in life - to negotiate with the Nazis a peace pact that would save the British nation from the nightmare of a war, or incur unforeseen costs and face the enemy?

His wife, Clemmie (nominated for Oscar® by Kristin Scott Thomas) supports him in making his decision. Inspired by the attitude of the British, he decides to focus on their ideals - freedom and love for peace. He knows that he must warm up society to fight, prepare a speech that will move the nation. Support is tireless secretary (Lily James). And so, they face the greatest test, Winston Churchill forever changing the course of history.

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Your comments

Gocha 17. February 2018, 13:17

film dla pasjonatów historii. Z łatwością wysiedziałam do końca. Nudny, szary , na dłuższą metę irytujący!!!! NIE POLECAM!!!

myslecinaczej 9. February 2018, 17:23

Winston Churchill nie zmienił biegu historii! Zdradził Polskę razem z USA!
Nie miał tam nic do powiedzenia. To Stalin I Roosevelt pociągali za sznurki!
Ktoś kierował nimi z tylnego rzędu....Rothschild.

Asdesa 5. February 2018, 17:06

ten co nas sprzedał

jack 31. January 2018, 19:56

Bezwzględnie film dla znających temat polityczny. Niezła gra Oldmana.

Jovanna 30. January 2018, 17:16

Ciekawy, ale dla koneserów.

Celina 30. January 2018, 14:40

Warto popatrzeć na kulisy politycznych rozgrywek.Gary Oldman znakomity!Polecam!

Agnieszka Monika 14. January 2018, 1:21

Bardzo dobry film. Polecam.

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