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Como Nossos Pais

Directed by: Lais Bodanzky

Cinema program "Como Nossos Pais" in Wrocław

Cinema   Tuesday, 17 October
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Kino Nowe Horyzonty 15:30 Sala 2 ticket
Movie poster Jestem Rosa
Original title: Como Nossos Pais
Runtime: 102 min.
Production: Brazylia , 2017
Category: drama
Release Date: 6 October 2017
Distribution: Aurora Films

Directed by: Lais Bodanzky
Cast: Clarisse Abujamra, Jorge Mautner, Annalara Prates

The warmth of the recent Berlinale drama "I am Rosa" is part of the growing feminist trend of the Iberian cinema. The emancipatory drama is another picture of the cult hero of the "Seven-headed Beast", which is a valuable voice on women's equality in patriarchal societies in South America.

Rosa is a thirty-year-old. Her parents divorced. She lives with her family in the center of Sao Paulo. Her husband's frequent trips are not particularly lucrative, so she has to keep herself and her two daughters. Instead of focusing on writing the arts, which is her vocation, she earns a living by creating slogans.

Rosa has problems in her relationship, trouble with various orders, and the duty to deal with a sick father, an artistic personality, demanding constant attention. When her mother's family dinner reveals a secret, the dewdened world so far has turned upside down. The heroine begins an internal journey to discover her identity. Will he also find a strong, independent woman?

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Average rate: 10.0
rating 10.0 rating 10.0 rating 10.0 rating 10.0 rating 10.0 rating 10.0 rating 10.0 rating 10.0 rating 10.0 rating 10.0
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Movie trailer: Como Nossos Pais

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