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Bamse and the Thunderbell

Bamse och dunderklockan
Directed by: Christian Ryltenius

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Movie poster Miś bamse i super miód
Original title: Bamse och dunderklockan
Production: Szwecja Release Date: 10 January 2020
Distribution: Vivarto

Directed by: Christian Ryltenius
Cast: Morgan Alling, Tomas Bolme, Peter Haber

Here comes another adventure of the brave Bear and his friends!

This time Bamsi ran out of magical honey, thanks to which he could be the strongest animal in the village. So his friends set off on a dangerous journey to find the secret ingredient necessary to produce this amazing mixture.
Meanwhile, Lis Reinard is developing a clever plan to take Bamsi's place as a hero. How will Bamse do without magic honey? Will his friends get back from the trip before it's too late? During this adventure, Bamse will learn that heroism is possible even without magic because it is enough to remain yourself and be ready to help all the inhabitants of the village.

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Movie trailer: Bamse and the Thunderbell

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