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Ice Mother

Baba z ledu
Directed by: Bohdan Slama

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Movie poster Kobieta z lodu
Original title: Baba z ledu
Runtime: 106 min.
Production: Czechy / Słowacja / Francja , 2017
Category: comedy / drama / romance
Release Date: 3 November 2017
Distribution: Aurora Films

Directed by: Bohdan Slama
Cast: Bozena Cerna, Marek Daniel, Josef Jezek

Winner of the jury award at the Tribeca 2017 is a brilliant and original romantic comedy from the life of human walks.


After Hana's death, Hana lives alone in her hometown. Her two grown sons already visit her with her wives and children, but these visits generally end up quarreling, so the atmosphere in the family is not good. When Hana meets a Bronze, a hard man who is addicted to swimming in the sea in the winter, a woman suddenly opens up a whole new world. The harp takes Hana to his team of walrus, and she gradually learns to overcome the fear of icy water. But most of all he learns to love again.

2017 - Czech candidate for OSCARA 2018 in the category of best non-English language film
2017 - Tribeca International Film Festival - Jury Award for Best Screenplay
2017 - Sydney International Film Festival

Bohdan Sláma - was born in 1967 in Opava. He is a graduate of the FAMU film school in Prague. He started his adventure with the cinema in 1992 as an assistant to Věry Chytilova in the film "Fall or Fuck Off". In the same year he made his debut short "Stvanice". The first feature film Sláma was the tragicomedy "Wild bees" (2001), awarded by At festivals in San Francisco, Rotterdam and Warsaw. Many honors in the world and in the country of origin also won "Happiness" (2005), honored among others. Bohemian Lion for directing and Golden Shrike at the San Sebastian Festival. More ambitious comedies and dramas established Sláma as one of the most interesting contemporary Czech directors.

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