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  10. A Quiet Place 2

Kina są znów otwarte !

Po przerwie związanej z pandemią kina były zamknięte od 20 marca do 21 maja 2021. Od 21 maja niemal wszystkie kina studyjne oraz sieć Helios są znów otwarte. Sieci Cinema City oraz Multikino otworzyły swoje kina 28 Maja.

Ilya Naishuller - filmography

26 February 2021

Directed by: Ilya Naishuller
Cast: Connie Nielsen, Bob Odenkirk, Christopher Lloyd

The film tells about the underestimated husband and father of Hutch Mansell (Odenkirk). Thieves break into the main character's house. Hutch is making no defense against criminals. His family is... more

8 April 2016

Hardcore Henry
Directed by: Ilya Naishuller
Cast: Haley Bennett, Tim Roth, Sharlto Copley
Category: action / thriller

Such a film in cinema history yet it was not!
You are no longer just a spectator, but a participant in the events!

Kino realized without leniency. Action non-stop, one hundred percent realism and no... more

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